20th-C Topics: 1968-2018: Theories of Practice

Mo 2:30PM - 4:55PM / 1325 Cathedral of Learning / CRN 29659

The seminar “1968-2018: Theories of Practice” retraces the genealogy of current theoretical, cultural and political controversies to some of the questions that were made in and around the movements of 1968 in France and Italy.  Our main focus will be on figures that were actively involved, both as theorists and as militants, in the cultural politics of the late 60s-early 70s, and who have survived –even if sometimes posthumously in their immensely current works -- as intellectuals and activists without reneging the core tenets of their original engagements. While their convictions have kept pace with recent social, technological and political change, their critical practices are fully alive into the 21st millennium.  We will mainly focus on four specific themes of reflection and militancy: the critique of capitalist labor and social organization; the critique of environmental and ecological assumptions and practices in a postcolonial world; the critique of knowledge and information technologies, and social and political critique through different kinds artistic performance.  Some of the concepts and categories addressed will be post-workerism, immaterial labor, materialism, fidelity, gendered subjectivities, and the politics of esthetics.  We will rely on a majority of the following critics, anthropologists, activists and philosophers:  Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Carmelo Bene, Franco Berardi “Bifo”, Christian Marazzi, Jacques Rancière, Alain Badiou, Antonio Negri, Julia Kristeva, Luce Irigaray, Maria Rosa Dalla Costa, Isabelle Steingers, Bruno Latour, Serge Latouche, Pierre Clastres and the Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros De Castro. 
The course will be taught in English.  

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Giuseppina Mecchia

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Category A: Text and Theory

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