Apparatus Theory

Apparatus Theory now, more than ever! Once the heart of Anglo-American Screen Theory, Apparatus Theory generated lively debates about the relation of the moving image and the mechanisms of production that brought it to the screen. Having run into certain impasses regarding gender and ideology, AT became quiescent in the English-speaking world. Where once the connections of the moving image to the technologies of its production and the consciousness of its reception motivated lively debates, those complexities have devolved into distinct fields: studies of industry, affect, production, reception, etc. Outside, however, it continued to develop in new dynamic directions. This seminar will review the multifaceted history of AT, its contemporary iterations, and seek to deploy it in analyses of a series of international moving images from
mainstream to experimental. The course will be in English. Films will have English subtitles. Public screenings will take place separately outside seminar meetings. Students are asked to sign up for the lab at that time.

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Randall Halle

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Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements

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