Common Seminar: Cultural Production and Uneven Development

We 6:00PM - 8:30PM / 402E Cathedral of Learning / CRN 11193

Marx teaches that economic relations are uneven between different classes of people, that unevenness is the condition of capitalism. World systems theorists have explored the nature of this set of relations as they bear on different parts of the world to each other, especially under colonialism.  Core or center nations primarily own the major means of production; peripheral nations own few – even when those means of production are located within the peripheral nations.  According to some, world systems models are entirely or primarily large-scale, visible only through the passage of a long period of time and requiring the nation-state as unit of analysis.  For some, it is the result of capitalism.  In this course, we will explore pre-capitalist ways of reading unevenness.  First, we will establish the rough contours of the WST model, and will then explore the value of this model for understanding politics and culture in relation to the longue durée.

Students who take the Common Seminar for a second time in their Pitt career, can credit this course to Category B.

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Susan Z. Andrade

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Common Seminar

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