Constellations of Art History: Agency

Th 2:30PM - 5:20PM / 104 Frick Fine Arts Building / CRN 29403

This graduate seminar focuses on art historical theory and practice through the interdisciplinary lens of agency. If the Problem of Art is most typically “what does it mean?” the questions at the heart of this course are “what does it do?” and “what is done with it?” One of the course goals is to gather up these and related questions and begin to think through how various approaches to answering them might reshape the history of both art and culture. Reading will be relatively light but diverse, from actor-network theory to indigenous studies (women and people of color will feature prominently as authors). In this seminar, practice is just as important as reading. We will think about and experiment with different practices and protocols of research and writing. The central assignment in the course will be a revision of a prior paper, rethought and reworked with agency as a core issue. No particular background in art history is required.


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Kirk Savage

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Category A: Text and Theory

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