Film History/Theory 2

Tu 1:00PM - 4:50PM / 407 Cathedral of Learning / CRN 29796
This seminar will focus on the history and theory of cinema from 1960 to the present. While individual theorists and historians will be discussed, there will be special attention paid to historical and theoretical debates within film studies. These debates will be explored through major film journals, theorists, filmmakers, and film movements. The focus will be three-fold: (1) formal analysis of film texts in their historical context; (2) the technological and sociocultural history of cinema; and (3) philosophical questions pertaining to cinema and its relation to technology, ideology, perception, and gender, sexual, and racial identities and practices. Each week’s readings will be designed to stimulate discussion in more than one of these three areas. A graduate seminar is a cooperative effort that depends for its success upon the active participation of its student members. You should be prepared to reflect on the readings and films in your weekly response papers and to contribute your questions, insights, and views to the class.

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Robert Clift

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Category A: Text and Theory

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