Human Security

Mo 12:00PM - 2:55PM / 3610 Wesley W Posvar Hall / CRN 15860

A human security approach puts individuals at the center of analysis, rather than States, with the aim of producing different policy priorities, new political synergies, and better global policies. This course introduces the core principles, critical debates, and emerging approaches to achieving human security in a diverse and conflicted world. Students engage with a challenging interdisciplinary field which combines Human Rights with International Development and Security Studies, and which pays special attention to the voices of non-governmental actors alongside traditional State and international actors. We examine different views on the meaning and application of "human security," and investigate substantive policy agendas affecting human security on a range of global issues. We grapple with both direct and structural forms of violence -- from genocide to poverty and discrimination -- especially among vulnerable populations. Students examine how diverse actors develop global responses by articulating new policy agendas and defining policy recommendations oriented around people's needs.

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Lisa Alfredson

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Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises

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