Insurgent Poetics of the Caribbean and the South Cone

CRN 27830 / Th 3:00PM - 5:55PM / 137 Cathedral of Learning
The main line of thought of this course is placed on a working definition of justice, sovereigny, and truth processes from a theoretical point of view. Several Western Philosophers will be studied, among which are Benjamin ("Critique of Violence"), Derrida ("Force de Loi"), Badiou (Ethics), Agamben (State of Exception) and Rancière ("Aesthetics as Politics", The Emancipated Spectator). The exploration of these theorists and several Latin american poetics (narration, poetry, testimonies, performance and film) will establish a dialogue across nations and idioms. The construction of textualities will be studied in Plasma (Guadalupe Santa Cruz), Virgilio Piñera (La carne de René), The Apple in the Dark (Clarice Lispector), El padre mío (Diamela Eltit), and
Gabriela Cabezón Cámara (La virgen cabeza), among others.

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Aurea Maria Sotomayor

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Category A: Text and Theory

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