Interdisciplinary Methods in the Humanities

Mo 2:00PM - 4:50PM / 512 Cathedral of Learning / CRN 30391

This course will theorize and practice interdisciplinary research methods, exploring such questions as: How might interdisciplinary research shift the content, conclusions, scope, and impact of our scholarship and disciplines? What are the gains, losses, and syntheses entailed in such a shift? What are the differences amongst several models and practices of interdisciplinarity? Threading through the term will be a focus on the interplay of poetics, politics, and everyday life. We will devise ways to think together macro- and micro-scales of analysis, systemic and lived experience.
The term will be divided into three segments. One segment will serve as a case-study, focusing on an interdisciplinary approach to the global politics and poetics of water. Another will be devoted to some exemplary interdisciplinary texts drawn from Environmental Studies and Ecopoetics, Anthropology, History and Memory Studies, Performance Studies, English Studies, and the Public Humanities. The third will be spent developing students’ interdisciplinary research projects. 
Requirements include thoughtful and generous class participation, full engagement with the whole range of texts and assignments, a presentation, journals/blogs, 1-2 short papers, and an interdisciplinary final project.

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Shalini Puri

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Category D: Designated Courses

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