Overview of LGBT Health Disparities

TBA / CRN 14244

Students will review the historical development of LGBT health focus area. The impact of stigma and disparity on the health of populations will be explored. An overview of conditions of greater prevalence among LGB and/or T populations will be reviewed and discussed. Students will develop a greater understanding of the health disparities among LGBT populations and develop critical thinking skills regarding the impact of marginalization on the health and wellbeing of subpopulations, using LGBT populations as a model.
Teaching/Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the course:
- students will be able to identify major health disparities as documented within the field of LBGT health, present the primary sources of evidence that support varying interpretations of these health issues and identify the strengths and weaknesses of available data sets;
- students will learn to critique principles of research design, and sampling methodology to the analysis of debates in the health arena, the key skills necessary to science-based public health practice.

Number of Credits


Course prerequisites

Introduction to Epidemiology (EPID 2210) or permission of instructor.

Anthony Silvestre, Nina Markovic, Ronald Stall

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Category D: Designated Courses

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