Readings in Critical Theory

CRN 30184 / We 3:00PM - 5:50PM / 136 Cathedral of Learning
This course is an invitation to think questions of subalternity, coloniality and modernity, with a particular emphasis on the productive projects that emerge as responses to the former. For instance, how should relations between the West and its others be conceived? Should they be thought as dynamics of repression and imposition done by one party over the other, or are there commonalities and denials of them, active acts of copying and appropriating and projecting? Are we talking about conscious acts and/or about complex mechanisms of self-denial, veiling and projection? In what conditions can marginalized voices de-center Western racialized taxonomies that determine who can legitimately speak and about what, and effectively propose new articulations of culture, power and identity? How are these Other thinkings to be understood? Are they the expression of a pre-existing, essential difference? Are they spaces from which to produce a difference that makes a difference, unrelated to the non-western? What roles do epistemology, race, vision and laughter play? We will search for answers scrutinizing a plurality of materials in terms of disciplines, areas and perspectives, and examine –among others– the notions of border thinking, mimesis, survivance, subalternity, double consciousness, and the third eye. Material and class discussion will be in English.

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Gonzalo Lamana

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Category D: Designated Courses

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