Rhetorical Gestures

Mo 6:00PM - 8:50PM / 312 Cathedral of Learning / CRN 29697
This course explores historical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to gesture in rhetorical invention, moving from forgotten histories of gesture as a mode of both reasoned and affective persuasion (Quintilian, Condillac, Darwin) to focus on current studies of the relationship between gesture and invention in writing, neuroscience, performance studies, robotics, and other disciplines (Y. Covington-Ward, E. Manning, A.G. Wehiliye). On the way, we will attend to affect, kinesthesia, pain, sympathy, and other modes and manifestations of bodily suggestion. In addition to a substantial seminar project, students will have the opportunity to plan and produce hybrid written and gestural texts in response to course readings and discussion.

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Cory Holding

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Category D: Designated Courses

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