Tu 6:00PM - 8:50PM / 226 Cathedral of Learning / CRN 31157

This theory seminar will examine the dynamics of scale that underlie many of the crises, discourses, and media practices of the present, including global climate change, big data, networked and viral media, the rise of neo-fascisms, conspiracy theory, and mass surveillance.  Can scale theory afford us critical purchase on some or all of these dynamics?  Our goal is to scout the frontiers of tomorrow's critical theory and to forge paths forward.  Our implicit assumption is that the humanities have a vital role to play in re-conceiving human culture at both larger and smaller scales.  To weave the strands of a critical theory capable of grappling with the new scales of human technoculture is a project that will require diverse perspectives, methods, and disciplines.  This seminar welcomes students from many disciplinary and experiential backgrounds, and builds-in considerable flexibility so that it can respond to the varied interests of its participants.  Creative and non-traditional projects, as well as collaborations, are also welcome.


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Zachary Horton

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Category A: Text and Theory

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