Seminar in 20th C. Topics: Bridging Poetry and Theory

Mo 5:00PM - 7:25PM / 137 Cathedral of Learning / 29034

 Beginning with an emphasis on several poetry critics and philosophers, we will inquire into the nature of poetry as a genre, and its specific relation with the reader. Heidegger, Benjamin, Nancy, Agamben and Lacoue-Labarthe will be examined in order to trace the relation between aesthetics and politics, regarding, among other issues, World War II. Another examination concerns the practice and ethics of several Latin American and Caribbean poets regarding irony, poetic voice and lyric poetry. The theories of Octavio Paz and Tamara Kamenszain, among others, will be another perspective to consider when establishing a dialogue about poetry and its impact in our world, and other arts, such as the visual arts and music. The course will underline what to expect when reading a poem at different levels.

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Aurea Maria Sotomayor

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Category A: Text and Theory

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