War and Cinema

The primary focus of this course will not be on cinematic representations of historical wars, but on theorizing the convergence of military and cinematic technologies, taking as one point of reference the significant body of writing produced by Paul Virilio, including his War and Cinema. Issues to be considered include the intersecting military, medical, and cinematic uses of the scope and the screen, theories of human vision and ocularcentrism, new conceptions of space and time, the temporal convergence of production and exhibition (speed), new media technologies, and the blurred boundaries of war and entertainment. In this course and in your research papers, we will explore a visual field broadly conceived as constituted by military/medical and cinematic/entertainment technologies. Some of the technologies we might consider include radar, infra-red imaging, weather mapping, virtual reality, medical imaging, x-rays, reconnaissance/aerial photography, and drone images, looking specifically at films that substantially use such imaging or theorize these intersections

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Neepa Majumdar

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Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises

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