Women & Music: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Tu 12:00PM - 2:20PM / 132 Music Building / CRN 28366

This course primarily focuses on listening and sound, aiming to develop modes of feminist listening to a variety of examples in popular music including hip-hop, pop, rock, R&B, country music, and crossover/experimental music. By examining the sonic, texted, and visual components of popular music in relation to intersections of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, the body, class, politics, and nation, students will develop a critical vocabulary for discussing and analyzing the effects and meanings of popular music as filtered by twenty-first century listener.
Course Objectives:
At the end of the course, students should achieve the following:
• Develop skills in hearing popular music through ears informed by a feminist/queer politics
• Improve reading, writing, and speaking skills through effective synthesis of a variety of materials
including the readings, music, and videos.
• Demonstrate an understanding of theories in sound, gender, and sexuality studies.
• Cultivate vocabulary specific to discussing and analyzing music
• Apply feminist listening to other music genres, voices, and sound in society
Required Texts and Materials:
Jack Halberstam, Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of the Normal
Jonathan Sterne ed., The Sound Studies Reader
Tia DeNora, Music in Everyday Life
Ruth Hebert, Everyday Music Listening

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Yoko Suzuki

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Category A: Text and Theory

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