"Bodies of Cultural Work," CLST's Annual Fellowship Showcase Features This Year's Awardees Henry Skerritt (HAA) and Mohammad Mozumder (SOC), with Comments by Randall Halle (GER) and Brent Malin (COMMRC) in 402 CL Classroom

December 1, 2015 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

The uses of history in one indigenous artist's body of work in Australia, and the self-disciplining bodywork of Bangeladeshi Fakirs are topics to be addressed in papers by this year's Cultural Studies Fellows Henry Skerritt (HAA) and Mohammad Mozumder (SOC), respectively, to be delivered at CLST's Annual Showcase. Professors Randall Halle (GER) and Brent Malin (COMMRC) will provide commentary. The event will be hosted by CLST Director Ron Zboray.

The entire Pitt academic community of faculty and students are invited to attend the Showcase, but the late-stage graduate students who participated in the Fellowship Applicant Workshop that runs immediately prior to the event would find it particularly beneficial to get a glimpse of the "body of cultural work" of recently-successful CLST fellowship competition applicants.


Introduction, Ronald J. Zboray, CLST Director and Professor of Communication

Paper: Henry Skerritt (HAA and CLST Fellow 2015-2016), “Making Contact: Gabriel Maralngurra’s ‘Contact Paintings.’”

Comment: Randall Halle, Klaus W. Jonas Professor of German Film & Cultural Studies

Paper: Mohammad Mozumder (SOC and CLST Fellow 2015-2016), “Sanctifying Desire and Cultivating Ethico-Political Subjectivity: Search for an Escape From Freudian-Foucauldian Gridlock.”

Comment: Brenton J. Malin, Associate Professor of Communication and Associate Director of the Humanities Center

Audience discussion