Crosslist Fall 2015 Graduate Seminars by Noon

February 27, 2015 - 12:00pm

Click here for instructions on crosslisting graduate seminars with CLST for Fall Semester 2015.  If faculty members have crosslisted a course in the past, it DOES NOT automatically become crosslisted again, thus follow this link to request a new crosslisting.  Crosslisting courses will ensure that faculty members remain affiliated with CLST. NOTE: "crosslisting" in CLST is not done through the registrar's office but unofficially, off the books, in records kept only in the CLST offices and openly available through this website.

FAQ: Can requests for a CLST crosslist be approaved after the deadline?

Answer: Crosslists can be considered between the published deadline and the time the Executive Committee meets to approve crosslisting. After it meets, requests for crosslisting must be accompanied with an explanation of why the deadline was missed. Such late consideration is at the discretion of the Director and the Executive Committee.

FAQ: Can so-called piggyback sections be crosslisted, that is, graduate designated seats in what is otherwise an undergraduate class.

Answer: Yes, as long as the graduate class has a separate section number with its own CRN.