Deadline for CLST Keywords Collage Poster Competition Submissions, 4 PM, 401E.

April 15, 2016 - 4:00pm
CLST invites entries from graduate and undergraduate students in its Keywords Collage Poster Competition that runs in conjunction with the Keywords Distinguished Lecture Series, which takes place on April 20 and 21 (more details on those events will soon be circulated).
Collage posters for this competition must: 
1. Illustrate variable meanings of one keyword (from Raymond Williams’ Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society 1976 and/or 1983 editions and/or the additions or emendations on the Keywords Project website, in its historical and social contexts.
2. Include the keyword itself, but no explanatory text.
3. Consist primarily of a mix of “found” images usually not associated with one another.
4. Be delivered on paper no smaller than 18X24, no larger than 24X30, portrait orientation.
5. Be submitted in hard copy: flat, not rolled, not electronically.
6. Must be accompanied by a completed entry form (click here).
Deadline for submission is 4 PM on 15 April 2016 in the Cultural Studies Office, 401 Cathedral of Learning, 4200 Fifth Avenue, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA 15260. 
Judging Criteria:
Prizes will go to the collages that best illustrate the particular historical, cultural, and social contingencies of the specific keyword thematized, in light of the corresponding discussion in Keywords.  
Specific Criteria: 
1) Best visual illustration of one keyword as
A) It has changed over time
B) And it has had its meaning contested or negotiated by different social groups
2) The image must contain the keyword itself prominently displayed in English alphabetical characters
Judging will be done by a panel constituted of CLST Director Ronald J. Zboray, student representative Henry Skerritt (History of Art & Architecture, current CLST Fellow), and Professor Jennifer Waldron (MRST and ENGLIT).
1st ($300), 2nd ($200), and 3rd ($100) Prizes will be awarded at 5:15 P.M. on 21 April 2016 in 402 CL, at the Keywords Fair, before the Concluding Plenary Lecture of the Keywords Distinguished Lecture Series. Selected submitted entries will be displayed at the Fair.