Dissertation Colloquium Lightning Rounds in 402 CL

April 8, 2015 - 10:30am to 11:45am

Eight CLST Dissertation Colloquium participants will present, in PechaKucha format, approx. 6-minute overviews of their dissertations-in-progress at this year's Lightning Rounds.  It is a quick and entertaining way to learn about the range of CLST projects currently underway. Refreshments will be provided. The event will be held in the CLST/GSWS Classroom, 402 Cathedral of Learning For further information, contact CLST Administrator Karen Lillis (cultural@pitt.edu). 

1.William R. Upchurch, Department of Communication
“How Do I Play this Community?”: The Gameful Mind and the Rhetoric of Online Culture
2. Sharon Quinsaat, Department of Sociology
Homeland-Oriented Migrant Mobilization and theConstruction of Filipino Diasporic Consciousness
3. Paul Wallace,Department of French and Italian
Connections, Compulsions, and Tangents: Assemblage Mapping and Imagining in 18th-Century France
4. Lee E. “Ellie” Martin, Department of Music
Validating the Voice: The Music of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross
5. Erica Earlstine Clarke, Department of Communication 
Minstrelsy in Black and White: Blackface Entertainers across Racial Boundaries in American Newspapers to 1920
6. Andrea Juliana Enciso,Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures
The Path of the Instant: Influence of Daoism and Buddhism in Argentinian Contemporary Poetry
7. Jeffrey M. Tienes, Department of Sociology
Keeping it “Real”: Accountability in Pittsburgh’s Underground Rap Scene
8. Olga Blackledge, Department of Communication, 2014-20 15CLST Fellow
Animated States: The Technology, Politics, and Aesthetics of Soviet and German Cel Animation.1930-1940s