CLST Common Seminar for Spring 2014, Cultural Dis/Union, to be taught by Randall Halle

Randall Halle, the Klaus W. Jonas Professor of German Film and Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, will teach the CLST Common Seminar in Spring 2014, with the theme of Cultural Dis/Union. The class will meet Wednesdays from 6 to 9 pm in the CLST Seminar Room (Wesley W. Posvar Hall 2201).  The course will explore cultural processes of unification and disunification. These processes should not be understood necessarily as antithetical but may actually belong to the dynamism of culture and social coherency. The course will include discussions of globalization, transnationalism, complex connectivity, interzones, rhizomes, and world systems. One of the sources of primary objects will be the European Union. 
     Professor Halle will give a short inaugural presentation via Skype from Germany on 30 October 2013, 5-7 pm to introduce the seminar theme at the CLST program’s annual Open House. In April 2014, as the seminar’s culmination, he will host a distinguished lecturer who will speak on a topic related to the seminar theme, and he will preside over the Common Seminar Colloquium, an event open to the public at which seminar participants present slices of their research and writing from the semester for comment from the guest speaker.  The Common Seminar is a course required to be taken at least once by all students pursuing MA and PhD certificates. 
     Professor Halle specializes in film, visual culture, and social philosophy. He published with the University of Illinois Press: The Europeanization of Cinema: Interzones and Imaginative Communities  (2014), German Film after Germany: Toward a Transnational Aesthetic (2008), and Queer Social Philosophy: Critical Readings from Kant to Adorno (2004) as well as  After the Avant-garde: New Directions in Experimental Film  (Camden House 2008), and Light Motives: German Popular Film in Perspective  (Wayne State University Press, 2003), along with  numerous well-placed essays and articles. He has been a Senior Fellow in the Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies and a Senior Fulbright Researcher in Berlin.  He has two book projects in the works, “Interzone Europe: Social Philosophy and the Transnational Imagination” and “Visual Alterity: Seeing Difference.”