CLST-GSO Solicits 4 Officer Nominations for AY2014-2015 by 3 Apr. 2014

Please take the time to nominate officers for the Cultural Studies GSO. In order to nominate, send the nominee's name and department and the position being nominated for (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Social Minister) to by March 2nd, or attend

the GSO meeting on March 3rd and nominate in person. Self-nominations are allowed.  The election will be held at the 3 March 2014 meeting in Posvar 2201 from 3pm to 5pm.

* * *

(1) CLST students can be nominated via the distribution list beginning on February 1st. They can also be nominated for a position at the election meeting itself. Students can nominate themselves or be nominated by others.
(2) Anyone who is a member can be nominated for office.
(3) The election of officers will take place at the March meeting each year
by secret ballot, which will be counted and announced at the same meeting.
(4) Any member present at the March meeting can vote in the officer
(5) An officer will be elected by a simple majority of eligible votes.
(6) A person can hold only one office, but if agreed upon by the majority of members present at the election meeting, more than one person can hold an office (i.e., co-presidents).
(7) If a member is unable to attend the meeting for professional oracademic reason, proxy or absentee ballots may be accepted at the discretion of the current officers. In the event of aproxy or absentee ballot, the officers will anonymously cast the ballot in accordance with themember's directive.