In light of the recent CLST student body vote to form a CLST-GSO, the first meeting of the new organization took place on Friday, November 1 from 1 -3.  A dozen students were present, as was CLST Director Ron Zboray, who introduced the challenges of forming a CLST-GSO and who discussed how it might fit into his larger vision of the program's new directions.  The group at the meeting was designated the organization's provisional government with executive committee functions. By unanimous consent, Wil R. Upchurch (COMMRC) was named recording secretary and he duly kept minutes. 

Other actions unanimously consented to and recorded:

1. CLST-GSO membership shall be limited only to students officially enrolled in a CLST certificate program. (Click here to access Certificate Program Enrollment Forms). 

2.  A CLST-GSO Constitution would be crowdsourced via a wiki to the group of students who attended the first meeting.  Once a draft constitution is completed and agreed upon by the provisional government, it will be posted on the CLST website and publicized with opportunity for commentary.  The draft and commentary will be considered at the next CLST-GSO meeting on 6 Dec. noon-2 pm in Wesley W. Posvar Hall 2201, with the option that the group of CLST Certificate Students attending that meeting (i.e., NOT limited to members of the provisional government who attended the first meeting), shall have the power to ratify the constitution.

3. Out of expediency to create links to AS-GSO in a timely fashion, two students present, Paulina Tomkowicz (FREN) and Jeff Klein (MUSIC), were named delegate and alternate delegate respectively to that body.