Former CLST Fellow Colleen Jankovic Awarded 1st Eric O. Clarke Dissertation Prize

CLST-certificate holder and former Cultural Studies Fellow (2011-2012) Colleen Jankovic received the First Annual Eric O. Clarke Dissertation Prize for the dissertation she defended earlier this year: “Cinematic Occupation: Intelligibility, Queerness, and Palestine."  One committee member deemed the work "very impressive—the research is substantial, the arguments are serious, complicated, sophisticated, timely, urgent, and (I think) surprising." The Prize is jointly administered by the Graduate Program in Cultural Studies and the Department of English.  Thanks go to this year's prize committee, consisting of Lester Olson (committee chair, CLST and COMMRC), Donald Bartholomae (ENG), and Jane Feuer (ENG and CLST), for their careful work. Nominating letters for the prize are accepted only upon unanimous consent of the dissertation writer's committee.