Cultural Studies Association

The first conference of the Cultural Studies Association of the US (CSAUS) was held in Pittsburgh under CLST’s auspices in June 2003, after which CLST became the administrative home of the organization until 2013, when it incorporated as an independent nonprofit entity.  As part of its work with CSA, CLST provided a platform for launching the pioneering online journal, Lateral in 2012.

CLST encourages its students to participate in this organization’s annual conference, held in the spring of each year, by assisting them with conference proposal writing, as well as travel funds and membership fees for presenters whose papers have been accepted. The conference program embraces a wide spectrum of interests and approaches to accommodate most of the research undertaken by CLST students. Indeed, there has been a Pitt-only panel at just about every conference since 2003, and CLST students appear elsewhere throughout the program.