Fall Courses

Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor
EDUC 3045 — Critical Race Theory in Education Ashley N. Woodson
ENGFLM 2700 — Animation Theory Jinying Li
ENGLIT 2131 — Shakespeare, Gender, and Sexuality Marianne Novy
ENGLIT 2800 — Children’s Literature Courtney Weikle-Mills
LING 2761 — Discourse Analysis Scott Kiesling
RUSS 2113 — Bakhtin’s Aesthetics Jonathan Platt
SPAN 2460 — Latin American Drama: Text Performance Politics Armando Garcia
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor
ANTH 2750 — Contemporary Anthropological Theory Gabriella Lukacs
COMMRC 3306 — Seminar in Rhetoric & Culture Caitlin Bruce
ENGLIT 2002 — Interdisciplinary Methods in the Humanities Shalini Puri
FR 2766 — Mediterranean Studies and the Counter-Cultures of Modernity Neil Doshi
GSWS 2240 — Special Topics: Affect Studies, Gender, and Sexuality Nancy Glazener
HAA 2407 — Architecture and Enlightenment Drew Armstrong
HIST 2711 — Texts and Contexts: Core Seminar Vincent Leung
HPS 2522 — Special Topics in the History of Science: Scholasticism Paolo Palmieri
LIS 3600 — Seminar in Information Systems and Technology: The Digital and the Humanities Alison Langmead
PIA 2156 — Information, Law and Security Lisa Nelson
SOC 2102 — Sociological Theory 2, Post-Classical: Social Theory Mohammed Bamyeh
THEA 2216 — Advanced Theory and Methodology Bruce Alan McConachie
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor
EDUC 2103 — Race and Racism in Education and Society Henry Richard Milner
GSWS 2058 — Feminist Social Work Sara Goodkind
HAA 2400 — Special Topics, Modern: Embodying Empire in the Atlantic World Jennifer Josten
LIS 2633 — Technology in the Lives of Children and Youth Leanne Bowler
PIA 2507 — Human Rights: Politics and Practice Lisa Alfredson
PIA 2129 — Law and Civil Security Lisa Nelson
PS 2534 — Civil Wars Burcu Savun
SOC 2313 — Race in the City Waverly Duck
SOC / GSWS 2251 / 2252 — Theories of Gender and Sexuality Lisa Brush
SPAN 2410 — Discovery and Conquest Gonzalo Lamana
THEA 2202 — Hemispheric Islam(s), Decolonial Theater(s) Lisa Jackson-Schebetta
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor
ANTH 2782 — Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Kinship and The Family Andrew Strathern
COMMRC 2218 — Contemporary Rhetorical Theory David Lachlan Marshall
EDUC 3011 — Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Henry Richard Milner
ENGFLM 2451 — Film Theory/History1 Mark Lynn Anderson
ENGLIT 2850 — Computational Media Annette Vee
FR 2225 — Seminar in Sixteenth Century Topics: Gender and Sexuality in the Renaissance Todd Reeser
HAA 2480 — Architecture since 1945: Global Architecture Competitions Mrinalini Rajagopalan
HAA 2656 — Japan: Architecture as Performative Space Karen Gerhart
HIST 2500 — Latin American Readings George Reid Andrews
LIS 2280 — History of Books, Publishing, and Printing Richard Cox
LIS 2970 — Special Topics, Introduction to Mobile Information and Communication Technologies Amelia Acker
MUSIC 2121 — Introduction to Ethnomusicology Andrew Weintraub
PIA 2388 — International Law and Policy Lisa Nelson
PS 2230 — Mass Politics Jonathan Hurwitz
PUBHLT 2018 — Overview of LGBT Health Disparities Anthony Silvestre, Nina Markovic, and Ronald Stall
SPAN 2445 — Seminar: Image and Text in Latin American Avant Gardes Daniel Balderston
SPAN 2467 — Testimonio and Ethnographic Narrative John Beverley