Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor
ANTH 2490 — Linguistic Anthropology Core Course Laura Brown
COMMRC 3306 — Rhetoric and Culture: Rhetoric of Space and Place Caitlin Bruce
ENGFLM 2451 — Film History/Theory I David Pettersen
ENGLIT 2064 — The Body Now: Matter, Form, and Text Julian Gill-Peterson
ENGLIT 2851 — Gender, Technics, and Media from Plato to Video Games Jennifer Waldron
FRIT RUSS 2710 2110 — Intro to Literary and Cultural Theory Todd Reeser
ITAL 2500 — Ottocento 1 (19th century 1) The Idea of Italy: Literature and National Identity Francesca Savoia
RUSS 2600 — Nineteenth‐Century Russian Poetry Jonathan Platt
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor
COMMRC 2226 — Media and Cultural Studies: Media Materialisms Brent Malin
ENGFLM 2455 — Film Historiography Mark Lynn Anderson
ENGLIT 2003 — Literary Studies Nancy Glazener
GSWS 2252 — Theories of Gender and Sexuality Scott Kiesling
HAA 2400 — Studies in Visual Knowledge Josh Ellenbogen
HAA 2020 — Museum Studies Exhibition Seminar Jennifer Josten
HIST 2732 — Power and Inequality Core Course Lara Putnam
HPS 2522 — Special Topics: Galileo and All That Paolo Palmieri
SOC 2342 — Cultural Sociology Mohammed Bamyeh
SPAN 2464 — Latin American 20th Century Topics: The Baroque John Beverly
SPAN 2464 — Gamaliel Churata, the Makers of la Vanguardia Plebeya del Titikaka, and the Resurrection of the Dead Elizabeth Monasterios
THEA 2202 — Theories of Theatre and Drama: Performance Studies Lisa Jackson‐Schebetta
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor
FR 2101 — Medieval Encounters with the Other: Politics, Religion, and Race Renate Blumenfeld‐Kosinski
FR 2505 — Seminar: 19th Century Topic Giuseppina Mecchia
HIST 2720 — Theory and Method in Atlantic History Marcus Rediker
LIS 2184 — Intellectual Property and "Open" Movements James "Kip" Currier
MUSIC 2038 — Music, Culture, and Technology: Jazz and Film--Representation, Sound, and Improvisation in Cinema Aaron J. Johnson
PIA 2507 — Human Rights Politics and Practice Lisa Alfredson
PIA 2129 — Law and Civil Security Lisa Nelson
PUBHLT 2018 — Overview of LGBT Health Disparities Nina Markovic and Anthony Silvestre
RUSS 2473 — Anti‐Imperialist Empire: Formations of Second‐World Culture Nancy Condee
SPAN 2422 — Colonial Topics: Indigenous Colonial Thinkers in the Andes Gonzalo Lamana
SPAN 2224 — Special Topics in Cultural Analysis: Afrolatinidades Jerome Branche
SWGEN GSWS 2058 2058 — Feminist Social Work Sara Goodkind
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor
EDUC 2011 — Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Richard Henry Milner
EDUC 2103 — Race and Racism in Education and Society Richard Henry Milner
ENGLIT 2499 — Digital Pedagogy Matthew Lavin
HAA 2441 — Expressionism Barbara McCloskey
HAA 2600 — Special Topics: Chinese Art Minglu Gao
LING 2274 — Language Contact Shelome Gooden
LIS 2633 — Technology in the Lives of Children and Youth Leanne Bowler
LIS 3600 — The Digital and the Humanities Alison Langmead
MUSIC 2045 — Bollywood and Beyond: Popular Music in South Asia Shalini Ayyagari
PIA PS 2551 2351 — Gender and Development Muge Finkel
PS 2200 — American Government and Politics Kristin Kanthak