Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor(s)
COMMRC 2220 — Readings in Critical Theory: Lacan – Psychoanalysis, Language & Communication Calum Matheson
ENGFLM / FILMG 2452 — Film History/Theory 2 Neepa Majumdar
ENGLIT 2610 — The Novel: Texts and Theories Jonathan Arac
HPS 2531 — Freud and Psychoanalysis Peter Machamer
ITAL 2410 — Settecento: The Art of Writing Letters in the 18th century Francesca Savoia
RUSS 2307 — Chekhov Robert Crane
SPAN 2452 — Visualizing Borderscapes: The Politics of Vision/Space in Contemporary Latin American Cinema Junyoung Kim
SPAN 2461 — Latin American Novel John Beverley
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor(s)
ANTH 2782 — Semiotic Anthropology: Style, Substance, Significance Laura C. Brown
ANTH 2782 — Anthropology of Science: Global Perspectives Emily Wanderer
BIOETH 2664 — Bioethics Mark Wicclair
COMMRC 2218 — Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: Discourse, Ideology, Difference Paul Johnson
EDUC / ADMPS /SOC 2105 — Sociology of Education Sean Kelly
GSWS 2242 — Feminist Theory Lisa Parker
HAA 2101 — Special Topics: Architecture: Planning Paris: Urban Form and National Politics, Enlightenment to the 21st Century Drew Armstrong
HIST 2440 — Environmental History as World History: New Trends Molly Warsh
IL 2006 — Culturally Responsive Teaching Ashley Woodson
ITAL 2701 — Special Topics: Machiavelli in Context James Coleman
LING 2267 — Sociolinguistics Scott Kiesling
PIA 2584 — Political Economy of Education Maureen W. McClure
SOC 2102 — Post-classical social theory Lisa Brush
SOC 2341 — Social Movements Dana Moss
SPAN 2460 — Latin American Drama: Decolonial Performance Armando Garcia
THEA 2216 — The Enlightenment and the Emergence of the Theatrical Public Sphere Elizabeth Coen
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor(s)
ANTH 2782 — Culture of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Philip Kao
ENGLIT 2353 — Postcolonial Theory and Cultural Critique Susan Z. Andrade
FR 2765 — Caribbean Literature in the Age of the Anthropocene John Walsh
GSWS 2240 — Masculinities in Theory and Practice Todd Reeser
HAA 2401 — Special Topics: Contemporary Art Terry Smith
HIST 2540 — European Empires in the World James Pickett
LIS 2194 — Information Ethics James “Kip” Currier
MUSIC 2038 — Music, Culture, and Technology: Black Radio: Jazz, Soul, and Hip Hop Aaron J. Johnson
PIA 2307 — Human Security Lisa Alfredson
PIA 2380 — Human Trafficking Luke Condra
SPAN 2464 — An-Other thinking? Coloniality, Visuality, and Race Gonzalo Lamana
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor(s)
COMMRC 3326 — Seminar in Media Studies: Audiences and Social Difference Ronald J. Zboray
EDUC 2100 — Education and Society JoVictoria Goodman
ENGFLM 2458 — Documentary Theory and Practice Robert Clift
FR 2605 — Media and Material Culture in 20th and 21st century France David Pettersen
HIST 2460 — Global Approaches to the Concept of Modernity Raja Adal
HIST 2510 — Brazil Reid Andrews
IL 2540 — Foundations of Orientation and Mobility Tessa McCarthy
LAW 5339 — Law of Disability Discrimination Joseph Hornack
LIS 2674 — Preserving Digital Culture Alison Langmead
MUSIC 2042 — Music in Latin America Emily Pinkerton
MUSIC 2494 — Music and Communication: Writing About Music, Seminar and Practicum Michael Heller
PIA 2388 — International Law and Policy Lisa Nelson
PIA 2520 — Food Security, Agriculture, and Rural Development Paul Nelson
PS 2563 — Peacemaking and Peacekeeping Burcu Savun
RUSS 2464 — Special Topics: Contemporary Russian Culture Nancy Condee
Common Seminar
Course Instructor(s)
CLST 2050 — Modernity and Its Others Mohammed Bamyeh