Fall Courses

Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor
ENGFLM 2500 — Women Directors in Film and Television Lucy Fischer
ENGLIT 2174 — Victorians: Dressed and Undressed James Kincaid
GER 2882 — Topics in German Cinema: Avant-Garde Film Randall Halle
MUSIC 2041 — Music in Africa Gavin Steingo
SPAN 2465 — Latin American 20th Century Topics: Latin American Theater--Text Performance Politics Armando Garcia
THEA 2216 — Advanced Theory and Methodology: Early Drama and Performance Theory Ryan McDermott
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor
ANTH 2750 — Contemporary Anthropological Theory Gabriella Lukacs
COMMRC 2220 — Readings in Critical Theory: Power/Knowledge Olga Kuchinskaya
COMMRC 3317 — Seminar in Rhetorical Theory: Cannibalizing Rhetoric David Lachlan Marshall
ENGFLM 2456 — Film Studies as a Discipline Mark Lynn Anderson
ENGLIT 2522 — Literacy, Rhetoric, Computer Code Annette Vee
ENGLIT 2569 — History of the Book Thora Brylowe
HAA 1407 — Architecture and Enlightenment Drew Armstrong
LIS 2975 (MA), 3970 (PhD) — Information Culture: Key Debates and Controversies Brian Beaton
MUSIC 2611 — Musicology Seminar: Histories of Popular Music Deane Root
MUSIC 2621 — Ethnomusicology Seminar: Remapping Sound Studies Gavin Steingo
SOC 2102 — Social Theory Lisa Brush
SOC 2341 — Social Movements John Markoff
WOMNST 2240 — Special Topics: Gender and Embodiment Jen Waldron
WOMNST 2252 — Theories of Gender and Sexuality Scott F. Kiesling
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor
ENGLIT 2240 — Race, Visual Culture, and Literature: The Dark Room Autumn Womack
ENGLIT 2801 — Children, Media, and Technology: Postfeminist Childhoods? Tyler Bickford
FR 2765 — Comparative Francophone Culture: Contemporary Afropean Narratives John Walsh
HIST 2530 — Transnational Labor History of the Americas Lara Putnam
HIST 2733 — Environment and Health in World History Urmi Engineer
LING 2274 — Language Contact Shelome Gooden
PIA 2507 — Human Rights: Politics and Practice Lisa Alfredson
SLAV 2802 — Imaginative Geographies Nancy Condee
SOC 2312 — Culture and Politics IV: Anarchism Mohammed Bamyeh
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor
COMMRC 3326 — Seminar in Media Studies: The Media Ecology Tradition Brenton J. Malin
ENGFLM 2451 — Film History/Theory Marcia Landy
ENGLIT 2000 — History of Criticism Jonathan Arac
FR 2105 — Seminar in Medieval Topics: Autour du Roman de la Rose Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski
HIST 2402 — Sources and Methods in East Asia Evelyn Rawski
LIS 2280 — History of Books, Printing, Publishing Richard Cox
LIS 2633 — Technology in the Lives of Children and Youth Leanne Bowler
MUSIC 2396 — Music in Society: Music and Power Emily Zazulia
PIA 2125 — City and Region Theory and Practice Marcela Gonzales Rivas
RUSS 2639 — Soviet Cinema 1934-1953: Stalin at the Movies Vladimir Padunov