Category A: Text and Theory
Course Instructor
ADMPS — Theories of Educational Inequality Sean Kelly
ANTH 2490 — Linguistic Anthropology Core Course Laura Brown
ENGLIT 2321 — Translation and World Literature Piotr Gwiazda
ENGLIT 2003 — Literary Studies Jennifer Waldron
MUSIC 2047 — Women & Music in Cross-Cultural Perspectives Yoko Suzuki
MUSIC 2038 — Music, Culture & Technology: The Sounds of Romantic Comedy Dan Wang
PHIL 2183 — Marx Michael Thompson
SPAN 2704 — Special Topics Literary Criticism - Pharmacologies of Fiction Juan Duchesne Winter
THEA 2202 — Performance Studies Goes to Work: Histories and Theories of Performance Labor (Theories of Theatre and Drama) Patrick McKelvey
Category B: Disciplines and Intellectual Movements
Course Instructor
CLASS 2020 — Global Issues through Classics Jacques A. Bromberg
COMMRC 3306 — Rhetoric and Culture: Rhetoric of Space and Place Caitlin Bruce
ENGFLM / FMST 2451 / 2151 — Film History/Theory I Mark Lynn Anderson
ENGLIT 2260 — Black Women's Print Circuits Shaundra Myers
HAA 2025 — History and Ethics of Collecting Shirin Fozi (Jones)
HIST 2509 — Women, Gender, and Black Internationalism Keisha Blain
HPS 2522 — History and Philosophy of Early Calculus Paolo Palmieri
RUSS 2638 — Lumiere to Lenin: Russo-Soviet Cinema, 1896-1934 Vladimir Padunov
THEA 2216 — Advanced Theory and Methodology: Mobility and Performance Michelle Granshaw
Category C: Cultural Antagonisms and Cultural Crises
Course Instructor
ADMPS 2106 — International and Global Education Maureen McClure
COMMRC 3326 — Seminar in Media Studies: Disability, Media, and Culture Ronald J. Zboray (with Mary Saracino Zboray)
ENGLIT 2136 — Literature, Media, and Science in the Age of Shakespeare Jeff Aziz
FR 2703 — French Studies, Gender Studies Todd Reeser
HIST 2510 — Brazil Reid Andrews
HRS 2708 — The Individual, Social and Cultural Experience of Disability Jonathan Duvall
PIA 2507 — Human Rights: Politics and Practice Lisa Alfredson
PIA 2551 — Gender and Development Muge Finkel
SOC 2035 — Race and Ethnicity Junia Howell
SPAN 2422 — Colonial Topics: Indigenous Thinkers in the Colonial Andes Gonzalo Lamana
Category D: Designated Courses
Course Instructor
ADMPS 2352 — Anthropology of Education Maureen Porter
DSAM 3000 — Digital Studies and Methods: Seminar Alison Langmead
ENGFLM / FMST 2491 — Film Sound: History, Theory, Aesthetics— Neepa Majumdar
ENGLIT 2547 — Critical Literacies and Pedagogies Across Urban Education and Higher Education Khirsten L. Scott
GSWS 2252 — Theories of Gender and Sexuality Julie Beaulieu
HAA 2005 — Special Topics: Medieval (Cultural Identity in Medieval Europe) Shirin Foze (Jones)
LING 2235 — Language, Gender, and Society Scott Kiesling
PIA 2129 — Law and Civil Security Lisa Nelson
PIA 2512 — Poverty and Inequality Muge Finkel
PS 2301 — Theory and Concepts in Comparative Politics Jae-Jae Spoon
PUBHLT 2018 — Overview of LGBT Health Disparities Nina Markovic