Application for the CLST Certificate

Click here to find an application form you can fill in, but you may also apply directly to the Dietrich School Graduate Office.  Be aware, however, of the following instructions for the direct download, which aside from the download and filing instructions, bear upon both forms of applying:

1) Save the filled-in form to your computer or print it off.  You can then send it to CLST Director Ron Zboray ( or Abby Fite ( as an attachment.

2) CLST has waived the $50 fee, so applicants for the certificate now pay nothing.

3) Because your transcripts are already on file at the grad office, you do not need to send them to us.

4) NOTE: date of birth, gender and ethnicity are optional questions.

In short, you need only to get the completed single-sheet application to Ron Zboray or Abby Fite.