Dissertation Writers' Colloquium

CLST conducts a monthly Dissertation Writers’ Colloquium. All applicants for the Graduate Research Fellowship are invited to apply to participate in this workshop, but any other CLST PhD certificate students who have defended their prospectuses (or if they will defend them in the Fall Semester) may also apply. Application

The CLST Director organizes and presides over the Colloquium, but eschews “teaching” it in favor of collective consent.  Each participant will be scheduled to present a slice of their work during the course of the academic year, to which the other participants will respond.  The purpose is to give participants a chance to address their work to an interdisciplinary audience that can provide careful feedback. Since many participants are seeking academic positions during their colloquium year, they have in the past used their presentation to hone their job talks. The group also discusses professional issues related to writing the dissertation.  

This year's colloquium includes:

Sam Allen, Department of Communication (Current CLST Fellow)
Hillary Ash, Department of Communication (CLST Fellow-designate)
Maria Lis Baiocchi, Department of Anthropology (Current CLST Fellow)
Logan Blizzard, Department of Communication
Kaitlyn Haynal, Department of Communication
Kiun Hwang, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature / Film Studies Program (former CLST Fellow)
Jennifer Reinwald, Department of Communication
Marina Tyquienco, Department of the History of Art and Architecture
In April, the colloquium participants are invited to present a PechaKucha version of their dissertation at the Annual CLST Lightning Rounds. 
The Director works with participants to prepare panel submissions for the annual Cultural Studies Association conference held at the end of the Spring Semester in locations that vary each year. Should the panels be accepted, CLST will afford help with conference travel funding.